3 video resume tips from Clinton and Trump

Photo credit: Gregory Hauenstein

Photo credit: Gregory Hauenstein

Though Election Day is still a year away, the 2016 presidential primary debates are in full swing.

For the potential presidential candidates, the debates serve as an interview with the largest employer in the United States — the American people.

Through their votes, U.S. citizens are essentially ...

InterviewSnob talks less obvious resume mistakes at 2015 PRSSA National Conference

InterviewSnob founder Gala Jackson speaks at the 2015 PRSSA National Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo credit: Steve Clark)

InterviewSnob CEO Gala Jackson explains how to improve resumes to a group of students at the PRSSA National Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo credit: Kelly Tran)

Research from a recent study performed at Georgetown University found that millennials currently make up about 40 percent of the United States’ unemployed population.

Yes, despite our supposed expertise in a technological world filled with resources, a big chunk of us apparently struggle ...

Edelman senior VP: How to stand out as PR professionals

In the competitive world of public relations, employers are looking for the best and brightest. Tom Knox, senior vice president of Edelman’s Sacramento office, spoke to Brigham Young University students Nov. 3 about how they can prepare now to outshine the competition.

He summed up his ...