Must have PR apps that will mobilize you in 2016

Smaller, faster, pocketsize, instant. As millennials begin to infiltrate the business world, these are the priorities we see more frequently. A typical work day is no longer defined by a nine to five schedule in a sea of gray cubicles with personal phones and computers. Especially in the ...

Fashion fluke: How to find your dream job

Ashley Burnett, a BYU advertising grad, found her unconventional dream job. (Photo courtesy of Weston Colton on behalf of Vivint, Inc.)

From decorating her dorm room with Vogue advertisements to having lunch with executives at Barneys, BYU communications grad Ashley Burnett has lived a real life version of “The Devil Wears Prada.”

With plans to simply work at an ad agency after graduation, and with no sights set ...

PRSSA National Conference: Tips for upcoming fashion PR pros

Theo Tyson, founder of trinity productions, is a thought leader in the world of fashion PR. Beyond event planning, publicity and parties, Tyson creates custom experiences for her clients.

In addition to her content presented at the 2015 ...

PR Super Bowl star shares lessons on persistence


Jenna Cason celebrates the end of Super Bowl VXII. Cason spent two seasons working for the Buccaneers before being hired by the NFL to work at the Super Bowl. (Courtesy of Jenna Cason)

More than 100 million Americans tune in every February to watch the Super Bowl — America’s most viewed annual sporting event. Fans fill the stadium to capacity while thousands of employees organize and run an event that generates more than $300 million yearly.

The game features world-class ...