Is your resume ready for March Madness?

The month of March can get a little mad. Hundreds of contenders battle with each other for the few at-large bids available. Inevitably, a Cinderella story emerges, and the champions are crowned with their one shining moment. I’m talking about internships of course. For the young public ...

Preparing for the draft: An NBA workout for sports communicators

Nzinga Shaw and Rebecca Timms speak during at the 2015 PRSSA National Conerence (Brooke Tait)

Nzinga Shaw and Rebecca Timms speak at the 2015 PRSSA National Conference. (Brooke Tait)

Every year players from around the nation come to the pre-draft NBA workout, showing off their shot, aggression, hard work and love for the game.

Working for the NBA communications department is no different. Top professionals in NBA sport communications need to have better than average skills ...