Bradley PR is a for-credit class taken by no more than 20 BYU public relations seniors per semester.

What is expected of students?

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There are no quizzes or exams—you’re welcome. BUT you are expected to deliver to the client on deadline. Clients do not care about how long work takes, they care about it being high quality. We deliver that quality whatever it takes. This means the workload is rarley even. Some weeks you may have less to do, enjoy those, because other weeks you may work a lot.

Does Bradley count for major credit?

Bradley is not a required class so does not count for major credit. However, it does count for university credit.

How is it graded?

No two students have the same assignments or experience. The majority of your grade (including a peer review) is based on how you fulfilled your assignments. Handing assignments in on time is only half the goal. You are graded on quality of the work.

What will I learn?

Bradley is about putting your skills to good use (i.e. research skills from 318). You will most likely work on more than one project. Because we do multiple projects at the same time, every student has a different experience. Most students get something they can put in a resume or cover letter. Sometimes clients give internships and even full-time jobs to the students on their team.

What is the difference between Bradley PR and the Bradley Lab?

Anyone in the major can use the Bradley room (116) and its facilities (software, screens etc.) for team or personal use. There is even a fridge.
The Bradley PR agency lives in that room too, but you don’t have to be in the Bradley class to use the room.

What sort of work will I do?

Any of this (or something else entirely):


We create media lists, media pitches and monitor placements.


We offer qualitative (e.g. focus groups, personal interviews) and quantitative research (e.g. surveys, content analyses), eyetracking and social media analytics.

-Content creation

Clients have engaged us to write blogs, board profiles and manage social media calendars and content.

-Event planning

We have helped plan and run promotional spots at sporting events and brand launches.

How do I register?

If you have completed comms 318 and either comms 321 or comms 421 you can apply for Bradley. Submit the application (to BRMB 116) before the deadline (announced by email) and if successful you’ll be given the add code. Enrollment is limited, preference is given to students with Adobe Creative Suite skills.