In this video series, former faculty who shaped the School of Communications give insight into the public relations emphasis and its history. Dr. Laurie Wilson, Dr. Raymond Beckham, Bruce Olsen and Dr. Dallas Burnett taught that the values and lessons learned at BYU will further help students have a meaningful impact upon the communities in which they will live.

An Introduction to BYU’s Public Relations Program

Created by: Kristi Hargiss, Taryn Owen and Cassandra Shaffer

“Y” Public Relations

Created by: Samantha Richeson, Brady Quinn and Andrew Cook

History of BYU School of Communications

Created by: Megan Allen, McKann Thomas, Brooke Tait and Tianalei Siufanua

BYU School of Communications: Why We’re Unique

Created by: McKenzie Draper, Emily Sopp, Preston Williamson and Steve Clarke

All videos were created in Dr. Pamela Brubaker’s Digital Storytelling and Publishing class.