The Value of Caring About Your Clients

In our modern world, your clients are used to receiving quality service—fast. Every company—including yours—has a goal to provide a better product than its competitors. But how many companies focus on actually becoming friends with their clients? How many clients and customers walk away from a transaction feeling special?

Linda Walton believes that public relations professionals have a responsibility to make all of their customers and clients feel like kings and queens.

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Walton has made her name with over 30 years of experience in public relations, marketing and advertising. She has received various honors and awards such as the “Utah Golden Spike Award,” the “Provo Outstanding Businesswoman of the Year,” and the “Utah County Commission Medal of Honor.” Walton is currently the president of The Walton Group, Inc., an advertising and marketing agency located in Provo, Utah. Walton has also been accredited by the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) since 1986, and has been actively involved in the Utah Valley Chapter of PRSA for many years.

Part of Walton’s success stems from the fact that her goal is to become friends with everyone she works with. One of reasons why organizations and individuals love working with the Walton Group is that Walton always made an effort to really get to know them—not just the “superficial grip and grin”—but really get to know them.  In her efforts to befriend her clients, she has not only learned to enjoy her job, but she has also won the loyalty of several notable clients (friends).

“By solving other people’s problems, you can solve your own problems.” That is a saying that Linda Walton has lived by her entire career. As a well-known public relations professional in the Utah Valley, Walton has not only aimed to offer the best services possible to all of her clients, but she has also aimed to make them feel special.

Walton explains that her office isn’t just a place where clients come for advice about public relations and marketing, but it’s also a place “where clients can just come and have a Coke.”

Because Walton has healthy relationships with her clients, she genuinely has a desire to serve them well. “If you’re sick, a good doctor wouldn’t just give you a pill to mask the problem.” Walton said, “Good doctors try to solve the problem from every angle: exercise, rest, weight loss. A pill just makes you think your fine, but then you still croak in three years.” Through genuinely caring about each of her clients, Walton is able to help them find “cures” to their PR problems from several different angles.

Because of her ability to serve and befriend others—not to mention her active service in the community—Walton has earned the trust of hundreds of individuals and clients across the state of Utah. Walton hopes to see an increase of individuals in the field of communications who not only care about providing good products and services, but also care about making clients feel special.

By Michael Richardson

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