Talking: Developing a Voice for Your Brand

Your brand has the potential to be more influential when interacting personally with customers on social media.

Since when does Taco Bell have a personality? It’s a fast food restaurant! But if you are in need of a good laugh, go to their twitter page and take a scroll.

Over the past couple of years Taco Bell along with many other fast food restaurants have become more active on social media platforms. Taco Bell doesn’t just post about what type of food they have or promotional events they are organizing, they have made a concerted effort to make friends with customers, especially on Twitter. By interacting with customers and other companies both promptly and personally, they created some good laughs and have built a strong brand voice.



Why should I care?

Ultimately a brand’s voice is what drives trust and comradery between company and customer.

It is important to develop your brand’s voice on social media because it will expand awareness that will lead to increased revenue.

There are different types of voices for each brand. For example, Taco Bell and other fast food restaurants have sassier and more cynical tones while Intermountain Healthcare has an informative and kind tone on social media. Whatever style of voice a company has, it can be developed and heard on social media.

Many companies often think, “we already have a great website, we post on social media, we are good to go!” That is 100% false. The reason why it is so important to let your brand have a voice is because of your customers. Customers are individual people who should be your greatest influencers. They ultimately have power over how well your company does.

A brand is much more influential when it is connecting with the individual. That could be replying to a customer’s comment, liking a picture the company was tagged in, or direct messaging an individual. When a brand is on social media and interacting with individuals it becomes personalized and more memorable.

University student Daxton Allsop shared his insights about companies on Twitter. “If I end up following a company on Twitter it is because they are clever in their tweets and interact with people. Redbull is a good account that is always keeping their followers engaged through pictures, videos, and conversations.”

 How can it help?

Today our world is fast and immediate and because of that social media is a place where instant updates can be found. Social media allows customers to stay up to date with company’s content, customer service resolutions, or even just a place of entertainment with videos and photos as the culture of the company is shared.  Companies have an advantage on social media because of the reach and speed of messages to customers on different platforms.

How do I start?

The way to establish a good presence and help your brand have a voice is by simply starting to interact with the customers who interact with you already. Here are a few simple suggestions to get you started.

  1. If there are customers who comment on posts that you’ve made, like their comments and then reply to the comment
  2. When you are writing a post, always include a call to action for your customers and invite them to comment, like, and share your post
  3. Follow other’s accounts and interact with their posts
  4. Remember you can post other company’s content that is similar to yours. Photos and videos shared can easily enhance the customer’s experience

 As you can see, creating a voice and letting it be heard is vital in this day and age. It benefits the customer and the company as relationships are established and maintained over social media.

Written by Olivia Oldroyd

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