Social Media and Disney, a PR conference you can’t miss!

Ragan is a well-known communications company that is working towards providing the best and latest content to its consumers. They specialize in public relations, writing, editing, social media and internal communications to name a few. While their content is available to any who visit their website, they are best known for the numerous events and trainings they organize throughout the year.

Ragan is a well-known communication company. They have several resources for multiple communication fields.  Photo credit: Ragan

Ragan is a well-known communication company. They have several resources for multiple communication fields.
Photo credit: Ragan

One of the most popular events they hold is Ragan at Disney. For several years they have hosted a social media event at the Walt Disney World Resort. Soon, they will be crossing the country for a Social Media #Mashup at Disneyland. I had the opportunity to attend the Social Media Conference at Disney World last year in March. The experience, networking and insights I gained were invaluable and worth every penny. Wonder why? Here are just a few reasons.

  1. Ragan’s own PR experts

Ragan has been providing continuous content beginning in 1970. Their goal is to be “the leading publisher of corporate communications, public relations, and leadership development newsletters.”  Interestingly enough, they have expanded into several fields as shown here. Mark Ragan is the acting CEO and leads a group of 50 individuals that range in levels of expertise.

While some may question the legitimacy of agencies such as these, PRSA has been promoting the Ragan conferences for a long time. It is not always easy to take the word of someone who has attended an event or two, but when the national public relations organization promotes the events, you can be assured that you are in fact going to learn valuable information. AirPR listed Ragan as one of the “must-attend” conferences in 2017. With so many experts out there saying you should attend, why wouldn’t you?

  1. Speakers

With every conference, it is important to remember that you get out of it what you put into it. You could attend the greatest PR conference in the world and come out learning nothing. But when you are given a line-up of incredible speakers, why wouldn’t you try to gain as much as you possibly could?

At the Social Media Conference in Disney World last March, there were some big names in attendance and leading sessions. Representatives from Coca-Cola, Facebook, Instagram, The Walt Disney Company, NASA, Target, Walmart, and Southwest Airlines, to name a few, were all scheduled for speaking sessions and networking opportunities. The conference itself had 3 individual specialized tracks to even better help you decide which sessions you should attend.

As I attended this conference, there were a few things I was looking to learn specifically. One of those aspects was regarding crisis communications. Dustee Tucker Jenkins, CMO of Target, gave one of the most informative sessions of the entire event. She took Target’s massive security breach and shared their approach for our benefit. It isn’t often you get to hear from the individuals who worked night and day to recover from such a crisis.

  1. Networking

Networking in the world of PR is huge, we all know that; who you know is your greatest tool. During this conference, I was able to network with several individuals including two who work for the Walt Disney Company. To even have the chance to exchange contact information with individuals such as the President & CEO of Sprinklr should draw you in enough to attend.

Attending this conference pushed my knowledge and skill set further than I could imagine. While the price may seem steep, you are getting your money’s worth. October 23rd-25th, Disneyland will be overrun with all types of communication experts. They are looking forward to hearing from individuals representing Ford, Dell, Edelman U.S. and TOMS. If you are looking for the perfect PR conference to attend, be sure to check out Ragan’s list of upcoming conferences.

Written by Jaycee Brown

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