How eAssist Dental Solutions changed my office

In November of 2016, Dr. Kari Bolen found herself experiencing a string of staff turnover in her front dental office. Like many dental professionals, she found it was taking a lot of time to find and train new individuals in the complicated process that is dental insurance processing. She had recently heard about eAssist Dental Solutions from Laura Hatch, founder of Front Office Rocks. She decided to look up eAssist and says signing up was “the best thing I have done for my practice and my peace of mind in the past seven years.” All it took was a simple decision to look up eAssist, fill out a contact form and her dental insurance troubles would all soon begin to disappear.

Dr. Kari Bolen outsourced her dental billing to eAssist Dental Solutions and has been happy ever since. Photo credit: Family Dentistry of Sioux Falls

Dr. Kari Bolen outsourced her dental billing to eAssist Dental Solutions and has been happy ever since.
Photo credit: Family Dentistry of Sioux Falls

If you could count how many companies there are that could potentially help you, what would your number get to 100 … 200 … maybe even more? A business is founded on the idea that there is a pain-point that it can fix for a target market. eAssist Dental Solutions is no different, it was founded on the idea that they can indeed help consumers and make their lives just a little bit easier.

Founded by a dentist himself, Dr. James Anderson experienced pains in his own office that inspired the creation of eAssist. He knew all too well the pain of seeing money not being collected and patient balances being written off because his staff did not have time to manage it all. When he decided to look for a solution, he found that there was no existing company that could solve his problems, so he created it himself. Eight years later, eAssist is a thriving company assisting people around the US and in Canada. Hear just how they have helped clients just like Dr. Bolen.

eAssist Dental Solutions- known as eAssist- is a company that you can outsource dental office tasks to. This includes dental billing, dental accounting, medical dental billing, and several other services. By bringing on eAssist to be a part of your office, your local staff is able to focus solely on the patient experience and remove the worries of dealing with insurances, collections, and tracking money. eAssist simply becomes an extension of your internal staff, with the ability to assist you with your customized needs.

Dr. Bolen loves to receive her daily email breaking down what her eAssist team was able to accomplish that day and see exactly how the insurance processing is being handled. “Because of eAssist, my front office team members are able to focus on providing customer service for the patients that are in front of them in the office,” said Dr. Bolen.

Like many dental practices, the time-consuming tasks of processing dental insurance seems to take away from providing the patient with the absolute best experience possible. eAssist has been able to solve this problem while providing an incredible service.

“I LOVE eAssist and the two representatives, Shaundra and Ingrid, who are assigned to my office. Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful service to my office and the dental field in general!” Dr. Bolen shares her positive feedback to help others understand the benefit of eAssist.

There are many more success stories just like this one from eAssist clients, Dr. Bolen is able to attest to just that. She willingly shares her high praises in order to help other people see that eAssist can in fa, in fact, your entire office.

As a PR professional, it is important to remember the value of customer success stories. Here are some key takeaways that you as an expert can learn.

  • It is important to highlight the success of your company, it can help persuade your public.
  • When you hear of positive feedback in the company, use it as a lead and see where it takes you.
  • A success story can provide opportunities for positive media attention when you handle it correctly.
  • Take the success and create multiple deliverables from it, the possibilities are endless.

Written by Jaycee Brown

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