So you want to date a PR girl?

Don’t we all wish we could have a guidebook to help us figure out our relationships? Maybe just a quick warning ahead of time about the type of person we’re about to get involved with?

Well boys, if you’re dating, or about to date a public relations girl, you’re in the right place. Whether you are still in college or have already graduated, I’m about to give you a little insight into her mind and six survival tips and tricks for how to handle exactly what goes on in there.

She will overanalyze EVERYTHING

This is especially true in the beginning phases of the relationship. The gray area before you are exclusively dating is when she will be mulling over every word you ever said, every look you ever gave and every text you ever sent.

She will analyze everything carefully and try to make a rational decision about whether or not she thinks you like her. It’s not her fault that she does this. Her PR background has trained her to do extensive and in-depth research before making any kind of judgment or decision.

You will never win an argument

This one is just a solid fact. If you ever do have the thought that you did win an argument, it’s only because she wants you to feel that way. I promise. Now you may be thinking, “wow that’s mean and a bit manipulative”, but you won’t be thinking that when she successfully negotiates you a lower rent and cellphone bill.

Negotiation is a critical skill to have in the PR world. She has had lots of practice talking through campaigns, strategy plans and budget briefs and helping others.

She is charming

Pay close attention to this one … she’s charming. Be careful where you take her because your parents, friends, dog, waiter will LOVE her … maybe even before you do.

My friend Joseph Cook learned this the hard way when he brought a PR girl he was interested in to his little brother’s baseball game. By the end of the night his family liked her so much that they were the ones that convinced him he had to officially ask her out.

“My parents have never liked a girl I brought to meet them the first time around. I was so surprised that they liked her as much as they did,” Joseph said.

Turns out his family was right and it was happily ever after from then on for those two. This charm likely comes from her innate ability to connect with people. PR professionals need to be able to get along with a lot of different people.

Her interview skills will also help her stay cool under pressure when meeting someone for the first time. Her charm is likely to be the thing that drew you to her in the first place. If that’s the case, then I have good news; the charm doesn’t fade.

Your girlfriend will be busy

She is busy not with just her schooling or her career, but in life too. PR girls are driven and like to stay busy with new experiences and trying new things. She’s the type of girl who can never do anything Thursday nights because she’s taking scuba lessons or signed up for a dance class.

Don’t take it personally if she says she’s busy, these are the things that keep her inspired and vibrant and end up creating everything you love about her. Take time to join in on the activities she enjoys, she’ll appreciate the effort you make to spend time with her.

You will have to work for her attention

With so many things going on in her life, she’ll expect you to put some effort in so that she knows you are worth her time and attention. Make it obvious that you care enough about her to be a part of her life.

I know it’s contradictory to everything you heard on the MTV show “Girl Code,” but she will actually want you to be a little bit pushy sometimes. Now, I said a “little bit” and “sometimes.” A tiny bit of pushy will be just enough to let her know that you are here to stay. Too much pushy will definitely ensure that you don’t.

You won’t get bored

A PR girl is used to challenges and she’ll keep you on your toes. She often has to learn how to cut through the red tape to ensure a successful campaign or a happy client. My best advice would be to get creative with your dates. This will set you apart from the other people she may be seeing and give you a leg up.

Don’t believe me? Take it from Kenzie Burnham, PR girl.

Couple on a creative, spontaneous date enjoying dinner and a movie on the roof of the Mosaic Hotel, downtown Grand Island, Nebraska. (Source: Madeline Butler)

Couple on a creative, spontaneous date enjoying dinner and a movie on the roof of the Mosaic Hotel, downtown Grand Island, Nebraska. (Source: Madeline Butler)

Kenzie wasn’t sure how much she liked her (now) husband Dave until he took her on the most fun date she’d ever been on.

“He took me downtown and we went to five restaurants trying new things at every place,” Kenzie said. “I’d never done anything like it before and I had so much fun!”

His creativity and originality throughout their dating period and down to his proposal is one of the reasons she fell for him. Be fun and spontaneous with her and you’re bound to win her heart.

Is your head spinning yet? It all may sound very messy and complicated, but so is everything in life that’s worth having. It’s going to take a little bit of work initially, but after you have her, you’ll have the whole world. There’s just nothing better than a PR girl who adores you.




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