Why you need PR and marketing before you graduate

(Source: shutterstock.com)

(Source: shutterstock.com)

At some point in your educational career, you have probably considered changing from your dream major in hopes of a better job. The fear of not making enough for a living can cause you to second guess the true value of what you love to do, and leave you thinking that you don’t have what it takes to make it. Before you give up, consider investing a little more into the marketing and PR skills that help you become more desirable as a job candidate.

Knowing what you know

Regardless of the career or degree you choose to pursue, you can be certain that business will be involved! Think about it. Someone has to pay your salary, and that money has got to come out of somebody else’s pocket. You don’t have to love business or even study it in depth, but whether you are specialized in computer coding, graphic design, dance or psychology, there are ways that you can use basic business principles to prove your indispensability.

Public relations, coupled with marketing practices, is achieved through the mastery of self-promotion, strategic planning, and an overall understanding of those around you who need to be understood. These skills are marketable in any career.

In fact, many of the people familiar with the cliché, “It’s not about what you know, but who you know,” quickly come to find out that who you know helps lead you towards getting a job, and what you know ends up keeping you that job and determining your overall compensation or successfulness.

For example, many designers have finished school and have moved on to creating graphics and animations for local or international businesses. Those who understand how to market and tailor specific messages through their graphics can prove their invaluable to their employers.

Joel Davis, a graphic designer for Nudge LLC explained, “I never knew how important it would be for me to understand marketing. Every time I’m called upon to create something for the department, I am expected to create an extension of the marketing vision through my work. I almost wish I would have been more familiar with marketing while in College.”

5 marketable skills that will help beat rising unemployment

In 2016, with unemployment rising, even those with advanced degrees have found it difficult to land a job. Newsweek studies show that millennials make up 40 percent of Americans who are unemployed, and that an estimated 2.8 million more university graduates will soon join the job hunt!

Unemployment is rising, and millennials have been hit hardest (retrieved from Shutterstock.com)

Unemployment is rising, and millennials have been hit hardest. (Source: Shutterstock.com)

Newsweek sources also estimate that by 2020, millennials will make up more than 46 percent of the American job market, and will increase the competitiveness of post-graduation jobs. So if getting a degree isn’t going to be enough, what sorts of things can help to set you apart from the overly saturated field?

The Muse, an online media blog, listed five reasons why everyone needs marketing skills and they are:

  1. You’ll learn to listen
  2. You’ll make better decisions
  3. You’ll gain traction
  4. You’ll get scrappy
  5. You’ll become more aware

In any market, your value can increase if you’re able to add one of these five things into your repertoire! So if you’re worried about job security, then there would be no better way to make yourself seem more valuable than to show your employer or future employer your ability to listen, make good decisions, work within a budget, and understand what your customers or publics need and how to get it to them.

Understanding your role in creating revenue can help you become more valuable (retrieved from shutterstock.com)

Understanding your role in creating revenue can help you become more valuable. (Source: shutterstock.com)

Marketing and PR are the languages that consumers speak, and are accompanied by a greater understanding of what your true role can be in a company. These skills are a compass to more successful project management and overall successfulness in the eyes of those who have or may wish to employ you.

When asked about the impact of marketing in his career, Eli Ashby, a web developer for Response marketing said, “I never thought that I would need to do business in web development. In fact, I didn’t really like aspects of business so I chose to avoid it by learning how to code. Now, as I’m hired by companies to build websites, I need to specialize in creating websites that brand a company with the image that they want to be seen as through the eyes of those they work with.”

There’s still hope

Remember, a web developer who understands how to create a site with a good SEO will be much more valuable than a web developer who is limited to his own knowledge of coding. An English major who can write persuasive content and promotions will be much more valuable than an English major who merely understands the grammar affiliated with classic and academic writing.

There are thousands of students who will be studying the same material as you, so make sure to stand out by understanding why your job exists and what skills will set you apart in the eyes of those who could potentially hire you!

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