Diamonds: The way to your customers’ hearts

It’s that time. You know she’s the one. You talked to her dad. You’ve planned the best proposal ever – new suit, flowers, secret photographers and videographers, that park bench where you first met. It will be perfect. She’s sure to say yes. You’re only missing one thing: the ring!

You have to get the right one! You might walk into a couple stores at the mall, but which jeweler has the best quality or the best deals? That’s when you turn to your friends, old roommates, brothers, bothers-in-law or anyone that you trust to find out where he went and what his experience was like. Such an important decision deserves advice from the people you trust the most.

Matthew Wald found himself in a similar situation. He had been saving to buy a ring and was all set, but had no clue where to start.

“I didn’t know how to figure out what she wanted without giving too much away,” Wald said, “And I didn’t want to take her shopping with me. I was totally stumped.”

Matt Wald bought his wife's ring at Forge Jewelry Works because of a recommendation from a friend. He then referred two more paying customers and received $100 off another purchase.

Matt Wald bought his wife’s ring at Forge Jewelry Works because of a recommendation from a friend. He then referred two more paying customers and received $100 off another purchase.

Fortunately for Wald, his girlfriend told him about her brother who went to Forge Jewelry Works and how her brother would get $50 off there if he referred someone else to the store. So, Wald set off for Forge, hoping for a miracle.

“Honestly, the first time I walked in there, I still had no idea what I was doing or how to go about getting the right ring, but the Forge staff was so helpful. I got paired up with a designer right away and he really saved my neck!” Wald said.

Wald’s initial lack of a plan transformed into a fail-proof one upon receiving advice from the Forge designer. When Wald confessed his dilemma of figuring out what his girlfriend wanted without letting her know he was shopping, the designer recommended he look at her Pinterest board for inspiration.

“If he hadn’t told me to go to Pinterest, there’s virtually no way that I would have bought something my girlfriend wanted,” Wald said.

For Wald, the perks of going to Forge Jewelry Works did not stop there. He, like his brother-in-law before him, referred a couple friends to the jeweler and earned $100 off his next purchase there. His only problem now is deciding what else to buy for his wife.

“Recommending friends was a no-brainer for me,” Wald said, “I had such a great experience there it was like telling my friends to go watch my favorite movie – which, of course, I would do that! It was the easiest $100 I ever made.”

Wald’s success at Forge would make a wonderful ending to this story, but we’re not done yet. Wald’s experience provides two major public relations diamonds for customer satisfaction:

  1. The power of word-of-mouth publicity
  2. The importance of customer service

Promotion by referral can be incredibly effective in gaining customers and in strengthening relationships with previous customers. Word-of-mouth has been shown to improve marketing effectiveness by up to 54 percent. In fact, 84 percent of consumers report always or sometimes taking action based on personal recommendations.

It most certainly did wonders for Matthew Wald and Forge Jewelry Works, but only because Wald had a great experience there. If the quality of customer service is not superb, then few, if any, referrals will follow. Forge employees created an enjoyable experience with their great advice and calm, helpful attitudes. In short, quality customer experiences combined with word-of-mouth promotion can greatly benefit your customers and your profits.

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