How to use these 6 dating skills to stand out in an interview

You can feel your adrenaline level creeping up your spine as you rehearse exactly what you are going to say in the mirror. You practice your smile and play a pump up song to get you amped. You’ve been waiting for this and you totally deserve it, but there’s a lot riding on tonight. Who knows, if the next hour goes well, this could change the rest of your life.

Date or job interview?

Good news is that with a few basic skills you can ace both.

On dates or in interviews remember it is a two-way conversation. (Image from

On dates or in interviews remember it is a two-way conversation. (Image from

1. Ask Interesting Questions

Everyone starts counting down the minutes when they are with the date that can’t stop talking about him/herself. People want to feel that their date has genuine interest in them and asks intriguing questions.

An interviewer wants you to show sincere interest in learning more about their organization. Show them that you have done some research by asking thought-provoking questions.

For example, “I noticed that your company is trying to reach out to a younger market. What factors are influencing that decision?”

2. Have A Passion

You know that you need to give your date something to remember you by. Everyone has their thing. Maybe you are the person that has seen all 10 seasons of Friends four times, you can name every car on the road or you have an incredible ability to come up with a new billion-dollar idea everyday. Set yourself apart from the crowd by owning your passion.

A rigorous interviewer at Google explains that he wants to see that the candidates are passionate about something in their lives, “Some answers I have received are that candidates are passionate about women empowerment and have displayed this by being active in the local community. Another candidate shared how she enjoys making protein shakes and gave some to her friends for their gym sessions.”

3. Charm Matters More Than Ever

In an ever growing world of messages and online comments eHarmony reports that it is essential to impress your date with your charm in-person, not just online.

Just as important as your job credentials and experience, is your charming personality. Something that cannot be posted or written on a resume is eye-contact, a great smile and making others feel important by always remembering their names.

4. Honesty Is The Best Policy

According to MirrorOnline, 37 percent of women lie about their age on a first date, while 29 percent of men lie about their wage. These first date lies might make you look good in the moment, but in the long-run they are setting you up for some awkward future conversations.

Remember that companies are doing their research on you before and after your interview. Lying about job experience or skills you don’t actually possess will end up hurting the trust between you and your potential boss.

6. Don’t Be Desperate
Desperation is never attractive. A desperate dater makes their significant other feel like he/she just needs to be in a relationship, not necessarily a relationship with that person.

Interviewers want to feel that you are not just interested in a job, but you want this job. A better strategy is to qualify yourself for the position by highlighting current things you are participating in that increase your value.

For example, mention certifications you currently have or are working towards; or express interest in upcoming conferences that are industry related.

As you master these five simple steps you will notice a change in your preparation for your next big night. Instead of a spike in blood pressure you will experience a spike in confidence before your life-changing date or job interview.

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