Vinyl to video views: Social media has changed it all

From vinyl to CDs to downloads, the music industry has taken on a new identity. Bands and artists are more concerned with their social media following and less concerned with what record deal they signed.

Guitar, computer, and a quiet space…the new way to get famous. (Photo courtesy of

Guitar, computer, and a quiet space…the new way to get famous. (Photo courtesy of

Thanks to social media, fans can see what is being posted at all times and it has created an emotional connection between the band and follower. Almost every musician has a social media presence but how much of a role has it actually played in their success?

Back then in order to make it big, bands had to land gigs. Gigs turned into signing deals, then continued on with the release of an album. It took time, it took money and it took a lot of failure. Fast-forward 40 years and the only thing people need is a computer, a quiet space and a voice. explained, “Artists are able to produce their own track, upload it to the Internet and promote it accordingly. This not only helps listeners discover them but also producers, helping them to get signed and make it big time.”

The capabilities with modern technology have rendered recording studios obsolete. This drastic change in recording has made it more possible than ever for aspiring artists to start their career right in their own home.

“Artists no longer need to join the existing music labels or launch their own in order to get noticed. YouTube provides equal opportunities for success,” said an article on CNN iReport.

YouTube has been the fountain of success for multiple artists to make it big time. Artists from The Weeknd to 5 Seconds of Summer and even the obvious Justin Bieber got their first taste of success from the Internet. It all started with some shameless videos, then within a year, they hit stardom.

Social media has given fans a voice by creating a two-way communication model. said, “Possibly the biggest shift in music that has come through social media has been through an increased level of interaction between musicians and their fans.”

Fan mail that used to come by the pounds, now come in the form of 140 character tweets. It’s instant, it’s easy and it’s a way for fans to speak their mind.

So how does someone go about getting their big break? It is something they call the “70-20-10” rule. Seventy percent of content should build your brand, twenty percent of content should be shared from other artists and ten percent should be content for self-promotion. With these simple guidelines, you should have a good balance of content that will attract more followers.

In the end, the Internet has fully changed the world of music. Whether it is viral music videos or discovering the next “big hit,” social media has produced a lot of what the music industry is today. Technology has embraced music, but it all comes down to whether or not music embraces technology.

Listen to this podcast to learn more about how the music industry has utilized social media.

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