Braces and butterfly clips: friendly reminders of our past

Scrolling through pictures and you spot the shimmer lip gloss. Cringe. The middle part with the choker your mom bought from Claire’s. Who decided that was okay to wear? You want to stop scrolling but you just can’t seem to look away. It’s the app that takes nostalgic to a new level, Timehop. It’s a social media platform that embarrasses and fills a sentimental need at the same time.


Timehop sends you daily reminders of what you did on that exact day years prior. (Photo courtesy of

Timehop was created by Johnathon Wegener in 2011. It archives all your photos and then shows you your social media interaction on that specific day. Every post, photo, message and tweet is organized in a way that it shows the exact day you posted them.

It is like the time machine you have always wanted. However, the app can only date back so far because those palm sized digital cameras did not make an appearance until 2002.

It has become so popular that even Facebook has taken the concept and is using it as its own. Surprisingly, Wegener doesn’t seem to mind.

“Our mission is broader than just ‘replay your Facebook content.’ It’s to collect your digital history from everywhere.” He concluded in the recent article, “I’m not particularly scared of this feature. I think it’s a really nice nod to what we’re doing.”

The world today is so used to a media overload but Timehop found a way to put it all into organized thoughts. It’s like the photo album we never had time to make.

So why is it trending? Why are we so infatuated with remembering how much we loved that N’Sync concert shirt?

It’s because we love ourselves. This generation love selfies, videos and they love posting about everything in life.

We like who we were, how embarrassing we were and how cool we thought we were. It brings a smile that only our generation would appreciate. We also love nostalgia.

“We access memories and experiences from our past that we cherish as a way to remind ourselves, in the present, that things are okay,” said by nostalgia researcher Clay Routledge on

Amidst our world oversaturated with media, it’s sometimes nice to be reminded that everything will work out, and Timehop’s memory creating technology does just that.

Timehop is viewed as a basic social app but it has the potential to be successful in the public relations field. People like to reminisce and look at old pictures, so Timehop will always be able to provide value.

It is the idea of remembering your progress and where you once were. Timehop applies to any company. With 6 million current users, there is a huge, fresh market to tap into. Now is the time for companies to get involved through public relations and advertising.

Companies can advertise on this app just like any other social media platform by placing ads on the scrolling interface in which users view their past content. Timehop is currently partnered with other social media apps like Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp and you see frequent advertisements for these companies. With such a huge consumer base of millennials, it is the perfect opportunity to be able to hit your target market.

After you download Timehop, get ready for that daily notification banner on your home screen. Did I actually tweet that eight years ago today?

It’s a cool thing to be able to find and relive these memories even if you don’t want to be reminded of your past self. Let’s be honest, it’s a throwback to see those butterfly clips again. It may feel like you are taking a step back in time, but this trending app is a giant step forward in the social media era.

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