Must have PR apps that will mobilize you in 2016

Smaller, faster, pocketsize, instant. As millennials begin to infiltrate the business world, these are the priorities we see more frequently. A typical work day is no longer defined by a nine to five schedule in a sea of gray cubicles with personal phones and computers. Especially in the PR industry, about the only thing you can be sure of is that you have no idea what each day will require of you.

Today you might be typing the finishing touches on a press release as you are in a taxi on your way to a media pitch. Tomorrow maybe you’ll be hosting a promotional event and have to count ticket sales. It is impossible to outline all expectations managed by a public relations professional, but you know that you need to be mobile. These apps will be gems in your pocket enabling you to be a PR expert on-the-go.

  1. Videolicious, 4 stars


Videolicious is a simple iPhone video production app. In three simple steps you can collaborate your content to produce CNN-quality videos that are ready to be sent straight to journalists.

Step one, select up to 10 video files or photos from your phone that you wish to be included. Step two, record a voice track that you wish to accompany your videos. Step three, select music for your background track either from their preset tracks or a track of your own.


Videolicious offers 10 template formats for videos including sales video, video tour, event video, how-to video and more. The templates are meant to be simple guides to help users know what types of video clips to place in what order. However, the truth is that there is not much distinction between the various templates and no matter what template you use the same content can be produced.

  1. Font Candy, 4.5 stars


Font Candy let’s you easily create professional content with text. (

Font Candy let’s you easily create professional content with text.

Font Candy creates professional quality text overlays for photos and videos. These text layers can include captions, catch phrases, quotes or anything you want.

The text gives additional information to your content. It is more visually pleasing than copy by itself, and it is more informative than a photo by itself. Font Candy is simple to use and offers a broader range of text editing options than a regular photo-editing app.

A 23-year-old Brigham Young University student who had no prior experience with Font Candy said of her first experience, “Wow it’s cool how you can easily edit the character spacing, font shadow and text curve. It’s really easy and those are tools I’ve never seen before.”


At the bottom right hand corner content produced in Font Candy is branded with a small watermark. It can be removed by subscribing for the pro version for $2.99 or you can just remove the watermark for $0.99. While it is a small price, it might be disappointing if you were hoping for an entirely free app.

  1. UPitch, 5 stars


UPitch has taken note of the “Tinder swiping strategy” and utilizes it to make connections between journalists and public relations personnel. Anyone from the basement author to a high-scale PR firm can post articles and make a pitch to journalists in a specified category. Journalists then scroll through the pitches and either swipe left, or swipe right for the pitches that catch their attention. When UPitch finds a match, journalist and publicist are given access to the chat function.

For publicists who want to monitor how a pitch is being received, they can view analytics in the app for any live pitch.

President Jared Kugel of Full Scale Media made a statement on the launch of UPitch, “Maybe it’s not about a relationship, but it’s effortless for people. You have nothing to lose because [the app offers] quick access to everyone in your category.”


Upitch is only free for the first pitch or story. For sequential stories you have to pay to upgrade, but luckily PR professionals can request a free upgrade.

These three gems will possibly be some of the best apps occupying space on your phone. However, it is not enough just to have great apps to make and spread your content. You also need great apps to learn about what your content needs to include! Read the next post to learn about three more must haves that will keep you in the loop.

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