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“There’s nothing wrong with your car.”

This phrase typically evokes a sigh of relief from a car owner, but when college student Steven Galorath heard this news, it only made him upset.

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The German Auto Shop went out of their way to assist Galorath with the difficulties he was facing in regards to his car. (Photo courtesy of The German Auto Shop)

Less than four months after purchasing a Volkswagen Passat from a certified car dealer, Galorath began noticing an unwelcome shaking accompanied by a noticeable pull to the right while driving on the interstate. As soon as the problem started, he called the dealer who instructed him to bring it in and they would be happy to take a look at it. After waiting hours to hear back from the mechanic, Galorath was dissatisfied to hear they hadn’t found any problems with his car.

“I didn’t want to hear that nothing was wrong, because I knew that something was. I wanted the problem to be fixed before it got worse and caused an accident,” Galorath recounted. “I didn’t feel safe driving the car.”

It only took one more trip down I-15 for him to notice that the shaking and pulling were getting worse. Fearful that something was seriously wrong with his car, he took it back into the dealer asking them to take a second look. What he heard the second time around sent him reeling.

“They told me they knew nothing about Volkswagens, even though they had previously assured me they had fixed up my car before I bought it, and that they would be able to fix the problem. This time, they refused to even look at it,” Galorath said.

After hearing that the dealer “knew nothing about Volkswagens,” Galorath decided to take it somewhere that could not use that excuse. That’s when he heard about The German Auto Shop in Orem, Utah. A friend recommended the auto shop and Galorath was desperate for someone who could actually help. He promptly called the business to make an appointment and was delighted to hear they would fit him in that same day.

“In less than 20 minutes they had found and corrected the problem,” Galorath recalled. “There was a loose bolt that would have resulted in my front, right tire coming clean off within the next hundred miles.”

Not only was The German Auto Shop able to quickly identify the problem, but they also gave the car an all-over inspection and informed Galorath of what to expect from his car in the next couple hundred miles. They informed him that many of the problems—including the loose bolt—weren’t specific to Volkswagens. Any mechanic with even a basic knowledge of cars should have easily identified them.

“I was relieved to have finally found the issue and to get it corrected before it became a bigger problem. Plus, when I went to pick up my car, they didn’t charge me!” Galorath said.

Since that experience, Galorath has taken his car, along with a family member’s Volkswagen Jetta, into The German Auto Shop for various reasons. Each time, he has been impressed with the exceptional service they offer.

“The German Auto Shop is fast, professional and always has excellent customer service,” stated Galorath.

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