Getting past the fluff: Posting social media content that matters

Posting effective social media is a lot harder than one might think. How many times have you seen a post from a company that does not match their brand or comes across as superficial? Creating a post on social media that not only resonates with your audience but also helps to build your brand’s image can be quite difficult. Luckily, social media specialist Todd Hollingshead has some advice for how to create effective social media content.

Get to know your audience

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One of the most important things about posting social media is knowing who you are trying to reach. If you work for a company trying to reach college students, know what interests this group and what they are already looking at on social media.

As Hollingshead said, “Knowing who they are and their interests helps us share content that strengthens our connection with them.”

Every audience has specific self-interests that motivate them to take action. Knowing these self-interests will help you know what will motivate your audience to purchase your product or service.

Content is king

Now that you know who your audience is and what they are interested in, you need to create something that will catch their attention.

“The old saying still applies: ‘Content is king,’” Hollingshead said, “If you share quality content over and over again, people will be drawn to you.”

The quality of your content is much more important than posting constantly. This excerpt from gives a brief description of how content helps attract the people your company needs.

old spice

The content tweeted by Old Spice is funny and entertaining, but it does not give the viewer information about their product. “Old Spice (@OldSpice), Twitter”

“If you consistently post quality content that makes people think, laugh, smile or share with their friends, people are going to follow you. If it’s content that’s relevant to your industry and relevant to your brand, you’ll eventually build an audience of people who are genuinely interested in who you are, what you post, and perhaps most importantly, what you’re selling.”

Social media is not all about getting as many likes as possible. Take Old Spice for example. The company has done a great job marketing to their target audience, but the content they post does not always reflect their product.

This might work for a large company with such a strong brand image already established, but for a growing company this type of social media will not help your audience recognize the value of what you are selling.

Stay focused on posting content that will draw people to your company and entice them to purchase your product of service.

Only ‘ride the wave’ when it complements your message

Many social media specialists try to create content that follows certain trends on social media. While this content is fun and trendy, it can take away from the purpose of your post.

“You can definitely get caught up too much in this wave at the expense of alienating your core messages,” Hollingshead said. “Just make sure that everything you post and share ties back to your mission in some way.”

This does not mean that you should never use social media trends. Humor is a fun way to connect with your audience. When you can use it while still making your message clear, it is a great tool for communication.

Utilizing social media can be tricky, but when you are able to reach your audience with your content, it can be a great addition to your brand image.

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