BuzzSumo: A college student’s scoop to be in the loop

(photo credit: Piotr Marcinski)

Students often feel too overwhelmed with homework, that they don’t make time to read the news. (Photo credit: Piotr Marcinski)

The stress of tests, papers and assignments are overbearing as a college student. Professors ask us, “What is the latest news? What is going on in the world?” I think to myself, how I can possibly find time in between all my responsibilities to read the news?

My problem being a busy college student is finding a faster way to get updated on the news, and getting to the actual “meat” of what’s happening in a short amount of time.

The solution I’ve found this semester is BuzzSumo. BuzzSumo is a social media analytic tool to find the most shared content and key influencers for any topic. It has more than 80 million URLs and has tracked more than 1 billion social shares.

Adam Durfee, director of PR and social strategy at Wallaroo Media, is a religious user of BuzzSumo.

“It is a fairly invaluable tool when taking the temperature of the social media landscape and what is trending in the world of content marketing,” he said. “My team takes care of posting to more than 50 different clients’ social media accounts.

Durfee said by riding the initial popularity wave, their pages drive significantly higher traffic and their posts have more reach by sharing trending material.

The tool, “Trending Now,” in BuzzSumo allows users to view the top trending content in the social sphere. This tool can help users find what is currently trending.

“In social media, we talk about ‘riding the wave’ not inventing them,” Durfee said. “We want to piggyback on what’s popular. BuzzSumo is a great tool for identifying social media waves in real time.”

Forrest and Jared

College students keep up on trends using BuzzSumo. (Photo Credit: Veronika Tait)

BuzzSumo creates high quality content for blogs and other publications. Durfee explains how this impacts each of his teams. The content team uses the tool for research and content creation. The social media team also uses trending material to increase reach and exposure to clients, while the outreach team uses it to identify people who would be interested in their clients and the content they produce.

“For the cost, we couldn’t ask for a more useful tool,” he said.

Durfee had a home automation client who needed to find reporters, bloggers and other online influencers interested in writing about them. The space is incredibly competitive and with the increasing number of PR-savvy folks in the world, getting pitches to rise above the crowd is harder than ever.

“BuzzSumo helped us in this endeavor,” Durfee said. “First, we looked at everything related to home automation that had trended in the last six months. We looked for similarities between the most popular articles.”

Durfee explained when looking at trending content that his team asks many questions like:

  • What made these articles more popular than others?
  • What made these shareable, interesting and worth reading?
  • Which platforms were these articles most shared on?
  • What types of audiences did they appeal to?

Once these questions are answered, Durfee and his team are able to find a unique angle and create a content piece to fill a niche in demand.

By using the “Influencer Search” tool Durfee is able to find relevant people in the home automation space and invite them to look into their product and to consider sharing it themselves. They received a large number of returned emails and tweets after learning who to contact.

BuzzSumo made all of that happen.

As a busy college student, BuzzSumo helps keep me in the loop and up on the news. This is one less thing to stress about in the swirling circle of student life.

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