Extra Gum commercial evokes extra emotion

Wrigley’s Extra Gum recently released a video that captured the public’s heart. Yes, a video about gum received more than 11 million views. So what did Extra gum do right, and how can other companies follow the company’s lead?

Create a story

Extra Gum’s video, telling the story about Sarah and Juan falling in love, is guaranteed to make you cry.

This isn’t the first video from Extra Gum to evoke a huge reaction. Two years ago the company released a similar video about a father and daughter with little origami cranes that received more than two million views.

In each of the videos, Extra creates a story that draws the audience in with an emotional event. The origami video follows the relationship of a father and daughter as they both grow up. It captures the emotion involved with going to college or sending a child off to college.

The Sarah and Juan video is a love story, and who doesn’t love a romance? The viewers follow the couple through the very beginning of their relationship. The video shows a love that everyone wishes they could experience, and it ends with a marriage proposal that every girl would love.

Viewers can feel that bond in just one short minute. The emotion behind college and marriage is strong. These stories resonate with the viewers as many of them have experienced similar life events.

“(It) is not about a specific relationship, but about all moments of connection,” said Andrés Ordoñéz, executive creative director in charge of the commercials, in an interview with Adweek.

Make the product the backbone

While these stories are touching on their own, they wouldn’t be possible without the gum. Extra makes its product the center of the story.

The origami video ends with the daughter packing a box full of gum-wrapper cranes into her car as she leaves for college. Extra gave her something to help her remember her father.

For Sarah and Juan, Extra Gum is even more vital to their relationship. They offer each other gum to introduce themselves, to end fights and to say goodbye. At the end of the video, Juan proposes in a gallery full of pictures of their relationship drawn on gum wrappers. Their relationship is built on Extra Gum.

Extra doesn’t just tell the audience its products are good; it tells them something about love and family. It shows the viewers how its product can improve their lives.

At the end of the origami video, the narrator says, “sometimes the little things last the longest,” referring to its long-lasting gum. However, this sentiment also applies to the video itself: sometimes the little things get shared the most. Extra sets a perfect example for marketing its products: create a compelling story that resonates with the audience and make sure the product is at the forefront.

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