PR Super Bowl star shares lessons on persistence


Jenna Cason celebrates the end of Super Bowl VXII. Cason spent two seasons working for the Buccaneers before being hired by the NFL to work at the Super Bowl. (Courtesy of Jenna Cason)

More than 100 million Americans tune in every February to watch the Super Bowl — America’s most viewed annual sporting event. Fans fill the stadium to capacity while thousands of employees organize and run an event that generates more than $300 million yearly.

The game features world-class ...

Edelman senior VP: How to stand out as PR professionals

In the competitive world of public relations, employers are looking for the best and brightest. Tom Knox, senior vice president of Edelman’s Sacramento office, spoke to Brigham Young University students Nov. 3 about how they can prepare now to outshine the competition.

He summed up his ...