On dates or in interviews remember it is a two-way conversation. (Image from flexjobs.com)

How to use these 6 dating skills to stand out in an interview

You can feel your adrenaline level creeping up your spine as you rehearse exactly what you are going to say in the mirror. You practice your smile and play a pump up song to get you amped. You’ve been waiting for this and you totally deserve it, but there’s a lot riding on tonight. Who[…]

Designing a social media strategy for your company overall, and for individual campaigns, can help you avoid PR disasters. (www.ocama.org)

Unfashionable mistakes made in fashion PR: 4 steps to avoid them

As mentioned in my previous post, the fashion industry has a longstanding trend of making poor PR decisions. So, what’s the secret to avoiding these mistakes? A number of tips are out there, but here are five you can count on to help you catch those unfashionable decisions before …