Saving everything you can now will guarantee you the freedom you will need when you graduate college and enter your career. (Photo source: Eliza Ellen)

Ten things you should be doing now to prepare for life after college

Public relations can take you a lot of places. Whether you want to be hired at your dream firm or start your own business after you graduate, these 10 things will help prepare you to be successful in whatever you decide to do. Develop a marketable skill to set you apart from other candidates PR[…]

NUVI helps students monitor their social media campaign in realtime.
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BYU’s PR program: Top five and on the rise with social media and engagement center

Brigham Young University’s (BYU) public relations (PR) program has been ranked top five by PR Week multiple times. Yet this program continues to improve. Before winter semester …

Groepper (left) and List (right) field questions from students at PRSSA National Conference. Their training on storytelling in PR prompts students to think of ways to better tell a story, and not just the news. 
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Telling and Selling the PR Story

Once upon a time: a phrase that is known to all — and for good reason. We live in a world full of narratives, or stories. Our lives are stories containing reveals, plot twists, climaxes, disappointments and heroics. Public relations …

Tyson uses the analogy of a puzzle to describe the planning process. An event comes together piece by piece. (Source:

PRSSA National Conference: Perfect planning

Event planning is like a puzzle, says Theo Tyson, founder of Trinity Productions and expert event producer. You put together all the small pieces, and when it comes together– ahh! In a presentation given at the 2016 PRSSA National …