Saving everything you can now will guarantee you the freedom you will need when you graduate college and enter your career. (Photo source: Eliza Ellen)

Ten things you should be doing now to prepare for life after college

Public relations can take you a lot of places. Whether you want to be hired at your dream firm or start your own business after you graduate, these 10 things will help prepare you to be successful in whatever you decide to do. Develop a marketable skill to set you apart from other candidates PR[…]

Matson and other mentors help students feel more confident in job searching. (Source: April McLane)

Three things to make job hunting easy for students

Students, alumni and professors collaborated together at Brigham Young University on Oct. 14 for one purpose—to improve the marketability of students in public relations. Entering into the workplace can be scary, but with help from experienced alumni, it can be …

Derrick Royce, Chief Experience Officer at Aptive Environmental, found success in developing and maintaining beneficial relationships. (Photo courtesy of Derrick Royce)

How to maintain and create beneficial relationships

At 36 years old, Derrick Royce has never once had to submit a résumé for any job. Royce, Chief Experience Officer at Aptive Environmental, has held multiple high profile jobs throughout his career and attributes much of this to his ability to maintain beneficial relationships. Royce shares how …