Previous presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump committed some communications errors that could have been easily avoided. (Photo Source: Common Dreams)

4 lessons Clinton and Trump should have learned from “The West Wing”

The whirlwind of presidential election news, opinions, polls and debates that dominated the news cycle recently came to an end, but we can still learn from the communications successes and failures each campaign experienced. Here, we’re going to focus more on correcting …

Trump campaigns for support for the 2016 Presidential Elections.
Photo by Gage Skidmore

3 public speaking blunders to learn from

One misplaced comment can destroy reputation and credibility. Recent presidential debates and campaign speeches, as well as Planned Parenthood hearings, are a prime example of the damage a simple slip of the tongue can do. Too often, individuals jump into speaking opportunities with underdeveloped …


3 video resume tips from Clinton and Trump

Though Election Day is still a year away, the 2016 presidential primary debates are in full swing. For the potential presidential candidates, the debates serve as an interview with the largest employer in the United States — the American people. Through their votes, U.S. citizens are essentially …