Saving everything you can now will guarantee you the freedom you will need when you graduate college and enter your career. (Photo source: Eliza Ellen)

Ten things you should be doing now to prepare for life after college

Public relations can take you a lot of places. Whether you want to be hired at your dream firm or start your own business after you graduate, these 10 things will help prepare you to be successful in whatever you decide to do. Develop a marketable skill to set you apart from other candidates PR[…]

To freelance or not to freelance: going corporate after graduation

Freelancing offers a great reprieve from one’s 9-5 job filled with the hectic life of an agency or corporate PR worker. With freelance comes a beautiful workspace with a shiny MacBook Pro on a wooden desk and everything out of a Pinterest picture. For some, there’s nothing better than …

Ethan Parry

Graduate with confidence: Lessons to land your first PR job

It’s the day you’ve been dreaming of since freshman year. Those countless hours spent studying till 3 a.m. and writing 20-page research papers are about to pay off. Today’s outfit: a cap and gown. It’s your graduation day. Finding that first job post-university life can be very intimidating …

Lisa Buyer talks at a PRSSA event held on Brigham Young University campus about hard skills that students should learn before they graduate. (Photo Courtesy: Brooke Tait)

Lisa Buyer shares skills that should be on your graduation to-do list

Every student has a to-do list of skills to learn before graduation. Some of these things probably include design, math, writing, critical thinking and…the list goes on. Although we are constantly working on this checklist, employers say that students still don’t have the skills …