Brigham Young University students explain how a post-date text can help progress relationships in the millennial age. (Source: Lauren Anderson)

How to improve your dating and PR game

As a public relations major, I have studied and learned many important lessons about strategic communication. I have come to understand the importance of research, to appreciate transparency and to value tactful writing. Furthermore, I have developed sincere appreciation …

On dates or in interviews remember it is a two-way conversation. (Image from

How to use these 6 dating skills to stand out in an interview

You can feel your adrenaline level creeping up your spine as you rehearse exactly what you are going to say in the mirror. You practice your smile and play a pump up song to get you amped. You’ve been waiting for this and you totally deserve it, but there’s a lot riding on tonight. Who[…]

The date night every girl dreams of, back in the land of phone books and cold calls. (Photo courtesy of

Adults in the new dating world

It was a time when holding hands meant you were “going steady,” curfews were actually enforced and skirts were below the knee. High school proms kept the lights on and fathers had to meet the boy before their daughter walked out the door. It’s a dating scene that most teenagers …