Matt Wald bought his wife's ring at Forge Jewelry Works because of a recommendation from a friend. He then referred two more paying customers and received $100 off another purchase.

Diamonds: The way to your customers’ hearts

It’s that time. You know she’s the one. You talked to her dad. You’ve planned the best proposal ever – new suit, flowers, secret photographers and videographers, that park bench where you first met. It will be perfect. She’s sure to say yes. You’re only …

Benjamin Wilson claims to have used Uber over 10 times while on a business trip to Paris in September 2016. (Photo Credit: Benjamin Wilson)

What Uber can teach us about good public relations

CEO of Microsoft, Bill Gates, once said, “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” The multibillion-dollar transportation network Uber has definitely tapped into this fact. Director of marketing at ITN International Benjamin Wilson is a loyal Uber …

Outdoors company, REI, proves that being different counts by shutting it’s doors on Black Friday to promote spending time outside.
Attribution: Lauren Anderson

6 tips to survive and thrive in the public relations industry

When I began my academic journey to study public relations (PR), I was a wide-eyed sophomore at Brigham Young University (BYU). I was ready to get to work and get my hands dirty in the field that people deemed as “manipulative.” Manipulative? Please, more like strategic. However, in retrospect …