The date night every girl dreams of, back in the land of phone books and cold calls. (Photo courtesy of

Adults in the new dating world

It was a time when holding hands meant you were “going steady,” curfews were actually enforced and skirts were below the knee. High school proms kept the lights on and fathers had to meet the boy before their daughter walked out the door. It’s a dating scene that most teenagers …

Guitar, computer, and a quiet space…the new way to get famous.
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Vinyl to video views: Social media has changed it all

From vinyl to CDs to downloads, the music industry has taken on a new identity. Bands and artists are more concerned with their social media following and less concerned with what record deal they signed. Thanks to social media, fans can see what is being posted at all times and it has created …

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Braces and butterfly clips: friendly reminders of our past

Scrolling through pictures and you spot the shimmer lip gloss. Cringe. The middle part with the choker your mom bought from Claire’s. Who decided that was okay to wear? You want to stop scrolling but you just can’t seem to look away. It’s the app that takes nostalgic to a new level …